Banners Embroidery, Banners Embroidery Embroidery and Guides
Manufactured in rich fabrics, satins, silks, Lames, etc.. Embroidery silk thread to the machine on both sides or only on one side and lined with satin, trimmed with silk cords and tassels.

Banners Banners and Applied Applied
With one or both sides Applied and embroidery machine in the cords of nylon, silk or satin.

Flags Applied
Drafted by the application of fabrics and embroidery machine in the cords or Nylon Fabric Tropical.

Printed Flags
Digital Printing On Textile Screen 130g.Texprint 100% Polyester. 1 to 20 units. Industrial Textile Printing from 20 units.

Printed Banners, Printed Banners Forms and Guides
Digital Textile Printing, lined and trimmed with lace or silk fringes.

Pennants, Thumbnail Guides, Table Flags, Emblems and Articles In Pvc Printed
Articles printed in miniature, in silk or PVC, in which the logo is quntidade a minimum of 50 units.

Rods and Bases Table
In Wood, Metal or PVC with about 30 cms tall.

Pin's, buttons, badges, badges, medals, engraved plates, etc..
Articles with minimum quantities Custom defined.

Rubber stamps, Colop, pre-inks (made in 10 min.) Zinc etchings, seal, seal presses.


(Call cost to nationl fixed network) and (Call cost to national mobile network)